Slums in Argentina host the opera

A 300-year-old play is attracting a whole new audience in the country's capital, Buenos Aires.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

Composer Giovan Battista Pergolesi’s La Serva Padrona, staged in the slums of Buenos Aires, brings high culture to the public.

Updated Dec 12, 2016

An opera staged in the slums of Argentina's capital is breaking the rules of prestigious opera houses.

The project, by director Pablo Foladori, aims to bring the high culture of the opera to shanty towns in Buenos Aires.

The audience at the improvised theatres like the one in Villa 31, a slum in the heart of Buenos Aires, sits behind a fence or looks on from their windows, as a 300-year-old play, La Serva Padrona, is performed on a street.

The opera project has also created new job opportunities in the slums. 

Monica Yanakiew has the report from Buenos Aires.