Texas shooting leaves nine killed

Shooting breaks out between biker gangs at sports bar in Texas, at least nine people killed and many others injured

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Police reported at least nine people were killed and several others were injured at a sports bar in Waco, Texas, after a gunfire broke out between rival bikers gangs on Sunday.

Waco police officials said the clash between at least three gang groups took place at Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill and there is more than a dozen injured people in addition to the fatalities.

Waco police department spokesman Sgt. Patrick Swanton said the fight may have been started because of a dispute over a parking spot.

"A lot of innocent people could have been injured today," said the spokesman Swanton.

"These are very dangerous hostile biker gangs."

Swanton said he couldn’t say if any of the fatalities were the result of police gunfire, but said there would have been more if the police officers were not on the scene immediately when the fight erupted.

It’s not clear if the injured people are affiliated with the biker gangs, but no officers were hurt, said Swanton, adding that all fatalities were bikers.

Police said three people were arrested with involvement in the incident and the investigation is still going on.


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