Trump proves no damper for immigrants crossing from Mexico

Aid groups and shelters say that undocumented migrants continue to cross the border from Mexico, despite increased surveillance and policing.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The immigrants seeking asylum in the US face dehydration and exposure while trying to avoid detection at the border.

Undocumented migrants continue to cross into the US from Mexico despite President Donald Trump's vow to curb illegal immigration, according to aid agencies and shelter groups.

Humanitarian groups, such as Sacred Heart Church in Texas, told TRT World that the flow of people trying to get into the US continues despite all odds, including a journey that can be almost as dangerous as the conditions the immigrants are fleeing. 

The church offers shelter to immigrants, some of whom have walked from as far as Honduras to reach the US. Many want to shield their children from political instability and drug and gang violence in their native countries. 

"They are afraid to send them to school or let them play because it's frightful; they are afraid their kids will not be returning ... they may be killed or kidnapped. This shelter offers short-term help," said Norma Pimentel of Sacred Heart Church. 

TRT World'Tetiana Anderson is on the US border with Mexico and has their story.