Trump scolds media, makes big promises

At his first press conference in months, the US president-elect repeated his plans to dismantle his predecessor's legacy. He also accused CNN of broadcasting "fake news" and called Buzzfeed a "failing pile of garbage."

Reuters/Handout: Lucas Jackson / Reuters
Reuters/Handout: Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Donald Trump slammed "fake news" about his ties to Russia and promised to create jobs at his first press conference as president-elect.

US President-elect Donald Trump vowed to be the "best job creator God ever created," repeal the Affordable Care Act as soon as he takes office and turn over his business dealings to his children in his first press conference since the summer. 

Trump also slammed allegations that Russia had potentially damaging material on the president-elect, responding to reports from Buzzfeed and CNN and widely circulated by other media. He slammed both outlets, and refused to answer a question from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, accusing it of broadcasting "fake news."

Ahead of the press conference, Trump aides piled manila folders on a table next to the lectern in front of 10 American flags. Trump said the folders contained documents he had signed formalising new business arrangements that would remove potential conflicts of interest between his businesses and his role as president. Journalists were not able to view or independently verify the materials.

Some 250 reporters crammed into the Trump Tower lobby for the news conference, which was not only Trump's first since the election, but his first since July. Journalists shouted for his attention. Some questions he ignored, including an inquiry about whether he would keep in place sanctions President Barack Obama slapped on Russia in retaliation for the election-related hacking.

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