Trump to host Modi in first face-to-face meeting

Relations between the US and India warmed up under the Obama administration. But after Trump got elected, obstacles emerged on issues such as trade and visas for Indians wanting to work in the United States.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Trump administration officials say that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth.

US President Donald Trump and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will hold their first face-to-face meeting in Washington on Monday, seeking to boost US-Indian relations despite differences over trade, the Paris climate accord and immigration.

Trump administration officials have pointed to both leaders' impact on social media – each has more than 30 million Twitter followers – as proof that they are cut from the same cloth, and predicted the two would get along well.

While progress is expected in defence trade and cooperation, there is friction elsewhere.

For many Indians, it is the visa issue that is uppermost in their minds.

Trump campaigned on an "America First" platform. Part of that was a promise to overhaul the H1-B visa system, which thousands of Indians use to work in the United States.

But as TRT World's Rebecca Bundhun reports from Mumbai, already their options are narrowing.

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