Trump's bold action in Syria may be attempt to cover problems at home

President Donald Trump said the US military strike on Syria was in response to what he called an "abhorrent" chemical weapons attack. But some believe the strike was a smokescreen to cover for his domestic failures.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Of 553 key appointments that require senate approval, the Trump administration has only nominated 24 people, 22 of which have been confirmed.

After initially saying the US's only objective in Syria was to destroy Daesh, President Donald Trump surprised the world last week by launching cruise missile strikes against a Syrian regime air base.

Some say Trump's latest moves may be bold, daring and sure to grab attention. But others say they could be a smokescreen.

Bassima Alghussein, a political expert from the Truman National Security Project, says the move may be a cover for the president’s “failures at home."

TRT World’s Tetiana Anderson reports with more from Washington D.C.