Trump's border wall threatens last few jaguars in the US

Trump's border wall threatens the survival of the ten endangered jaguars that remain in the Mexico-US border region by restricting their movements to find food and mates in their already-shrinking habitats.

Photo by: (AFP)
Photo by: (AFP)

Jaguars look like the leopard, the only difference being they have spots inside their rosettes.

The jaguar is one of the most endangered among the thousands of species that live along the US-Mexico border. Recent sightings of the wild cats are giving conservationists hope that their numbers are going up and not down.

Species such as jaguars, bighorn sheep and deer-like Sonoran pronghorns currently roam back and forth across the border of Mexico and the United States in reserves specially protected by both countries' governments.

However, US President Donald Trump's border wall could change all that. Conservationists fear the wall along the border, meant to keep criminals out of the United States, will doom the beasts to extinction.

It would stop the endangered animals from getting where they need to go to feed and mate.

TRT World’s Alasdair Baverstock reports.