Turkey summons US envoy to protest security personnel actions

Ankara says it is protesting "the aggressive and unprofessional actions taken" by US security personnel towards bodyguards of Turkish officials during President Erdogan's visit last week.

Photo by: Anadolu Agency
Photo by: Anadolu Agency

The Turkish foreign ministry says that the lapses in security "will not overshadow what in every other aspect was a very successful and important visit."

Turkey summoned the US ambassador to Ankara on Monday to protest the treatment of Turkish security officials in the United States during a visit by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan last week, the foreign ministry said.

In a statement, the ministry said that US officials did not take necessary measures to protect the Turkish president and that led to security breaches.

During the visit, there was an altercation between protesters and Turkish security personnel outside the Turkish ambassador's residence in Washington.

At least two people were arrested and several others injured in the incident.

The Turkish embassy accuses the demonstrators of being affiliated with the PKK terror group.

The ministry also condemned the “unprofessional actions” of US security officials towards Turkish bodyguards who were near the Turkish embassy to protect President Erdogan.

The statement said the US envoy had been briefed and warned about the brawl and Turkish government officially asked for an investigation and explanation for that specific incident, “which [was] caused by the inability of US authorities to take sufficient precautions at every stage of the official programme”.

The Turkish embassy in Washington says the demonstrators began “aggressively provoking” people who were there to greet President Erdogan.

The US police called it a "brutal attack on peaceful protesters."

The US State Department says it will raise its concerns with the Turkish government.

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