Uber “misses ex-criminals in background search"

Californian attorneys extends lawsuit against ride-share company Uber with lack of security claims

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

An Uber application, Washington DC

Attorneys of San Francisco and Los Angeles extended their file against Uber Technologies Inc, the California based international transportation network company, with claims of “systemic failures in Uber's background check process” on Tuesday.

Court records show registered sex offenders, identity thieves, burglars, a kidnapper and a convicted murderer passed Uber’s background check and worked for the company.

The company uses personal identifying information, not fingerprints, in their background check, which creates a security problem, according to the attorneys.

George Gascon, San Francisco District Attorney, says he supports technological innovation, but innovation “does not give companies a license to mislead consumers about issues affecting their safety.”

The drivers’ criminal records came to light only after they were cited for their illegal rides. Moreover, prosecutors say Uber’s system misses records more than seven years earlier.

Uber, on the other hand, declared on Wednesday that they agree with the attorneys on safety being priority, but LiveScan, the system taxi companies use, is not better either.

They said “the reality is that neither is 100 per cent foolproof - as we discovered last year when putting hundreds of people through our checks who identified themselves as taxi drivers."

"That process uncovered convictions for DUI (driving under the influence), rape, attempted murder, child abuse and violence.”

LA police has ticketed at least four Uber drivers which were convicted before crimes including child exploitation and manslaughter, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Last month in California, the company lost its bid for dismissal of the case a group of cab companies sued against it with claims Uber falsely advertises itself as being safer than taxis.

Uber, being of the fastest growing sharing-economy companies, operates in 57 countries and its estimated value is over $40 billion.


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