UN names American female superhero as honorary ambassador

The UN rejected seven female candidates for the position of secretary general, but has chosen a fictional character, Wonder Woman, as its new honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls.

Photo by: AP (Archive )
Photo by: AP (Archive )

Wonder Woman’s new job will be leading a UN campaign promoting gender equality.

The United Nations will appoint a comic book figure, Wonder Woman, as its new honorary ambassador for the empowerment of women and girls.

The UN said in a statement on Wednesday that she will be formally designated for the position at a ceremony on October 21 in New York.

The international organisation last week chose a man, former Portugese prime minister Antonio Guterres, as its next secretary general. Seven female candidates had competed for the top leadership position but missed out on the chance to be the world’s most visible diplomat.

During the ceremony "surprise guests" will accompany DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson, who will accept the designation on behalf of the comic book, TV and film character, UN spokesman Maher Nasser said.

Wonder Woman’s new job will be leading a UN campaign promoting gender equality.

Source: UN in collaboration with Project Everyone

"Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world," the UN declared as part of its sustainable development goals, which are meant to "transform our world."

However, the UN itself does not seem to be meeting its own targets. The recent election process of the upcoming UN secretary general is one example.

"You don’t have a chance if you’re a woman … It’s not a glass ceiling. It’s a steel ceiling," Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra, one of the female candidates, said in remarks before the election, the journal Foreign Policy reported last month.   

Argentine Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra speaks at a joint news conference with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, China, on May 19, 2016.

There are other examples. The New York Times reported on Wednesday that one analysis found men were elected to nine of ten high-ranking UN posts last year.

The Wonder Woman event is sponsored by Warner Bros and DC Entertainment, who are partnering with the UN and UNICEF for a year-long campaign.

Wonder Woman, which was created by William Moulton Marston, will mark the 75th anniversary of its first publication next week.

Marston, an American psychologist, wanted to create a female hero after observing that "not even girls want to be girls so long as our feminine archetype lacks force, strength, and power."

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