US city of Baltimore welcomes refugees

Baltimore welcomes Syrian refugees and promises to provide them with better life

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

US citizens show support for refugees in Webster, Texas

Updated Dec 11, 2015

The war in Syria has force millions of people to flee their homes to abroad, creating a severe refugee crisis in the Middle East and Europe. 

The United States is among the world’s most desired destinations for refugees wishing to resettle. The US Government helps them to find jobs, schools and housing.

Some of those worst affected by the conflict are children and teenagers. They are are eager to start new lives in safety and free from persecution.

Narmin Al Eethawi, 19, is a teenager who moved to Baltimore as a refugee from Iraq. She has experienced war, violence and starvation. Her father was kidnapped and tortured in Baghdad, her home bombed and four of her uncles were killed, but now she is living in northeast Baltimore, going to Patterson High school, and wants to be a doctor.

"The bad people, they kidnapped my dad and they tried to hurt me and my family,"  she told TRT World.

According to the International Rescue Committee, approximately 1,000 new refugees arrive each year in Baltimore. The US government and the IRC have an agreement to help 70,000 refugees a year integrate into American life