US Congress passes extensive sanctions against North Korea

US Congress passes extensive sanctions against North Korea for its nuclear programme and cyber threats

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) watches a long range rocket launch in North Korea, February 7, 2016.

Updated Feb 18, 2016

The US House of Representatives has overwhelmingly voted in favour of adopting tougher sanctions against North Korea with the aim of punishing the country for its agressive nuclear program, human rights violations and cyber crimes.

The sanctions, which were passed 408 votes to 2 by the House, are directed against any person involved in human rights violations or creating weapons of mass destruction in North Korea.

The Senate also passed the sanctions on Wednesday before they were voted on by the House.

The legislation is now to go President Barack Obama who is expected to sign the bill.

White House spokesman Eric Schultz told reporters that "We're philosophically and intellectually in the same place as the Congress on this."

The sanctions aim to put additional financial pressure on Kim Jong-Un by tackling money laundering and drug dealing.

Pyongyang has faced renewed international criticism since last month after it announced that it had succesfully tested a hydrogen bomb.


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