US deports mother of its own citizens back to Mexico

A Mexican woman who came to the US 20 years ago was deported this week in one of the first cases under the anti-immigrant Trump administration.

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

The family of Gaudalupe Garcia de Rayos says it will continue to fight for her return.

Gaudalupe Garcia de Rayos was 16-years-old when she crossed the border from Mexico and started a life in the US. Over the years, she married and had two children who were born in America.

Like many other migrants she needed documentation to work in the US. Being an illegal immigrant the only option was to forge those. That's exactly what she did for a Social Security card.

Garcia de Rayos was arrested in 2008 on the charge of impersonation after police raided a miniature golf course and water park where she worked.

On February 9, the US immigration officials deported her, making it one of the first cases after US President Donald Trump ordered a crackdown against illegal immigrants.

Her deportation has sparked protests and left many wondering if the Trump administration will go ahead with tearing families apart.

"No one should be packing their mother's suitcase," Jacqueline, de Rayos's teenage daughter, said at one of the protests.

Under the Obama administration her deportation was put on hold. Back then, the US authorities deported only those who were convicted of serious crimes.

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