US journalist Jason Rezaian’s case continues in Iran

Efforts continue to resolve case of detained Washington Post correspondent, charged with four crimes in Iran, says senior Iranian official

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian.

Senior Iranian official, said on Thursday, that attempts to resolve the case of Jason Rezaian, an American-Iranian journalist working at the Washington Post’s office in Tehran, who was arrested over a year ago and charged with espionage and cooperating with hostile governments are still continuing. 

On August 10, Rezaian’s lawyer was quoted as saying that a verdict could be announced soon, however, a verdict has not been announced.

The Iranian lawmaker hopes for the problem to be solved saying "there are now some efforts which are being made."

"We are not interested in seeing him in our prisons, we don't want him to continue to be in our prisons," the lawmaker told reporters on condition of anonymity. "I don't have any detailed information about his case, because this has to with the judiciary of the country" he added.

The Washington Post encouraged the UN Human Rights Council to help with the release of Rezaian, who holds an American and Iranian citizenship.    

Rezaian was charged with gathering confidential information, giving them to opposing governments, writing a letter to US President Barack Obama and behaving against national security. Leia Ahsan, Rezaian’s lawyer, told Iran's Tasnim news agency.

Obama has demanded Tehran to release Rezaian and other detained American citizens, Saedd Abedini and Amir Hekmati.

Jason Rezaian, who is 39 years old, was born in California. Iranian government security forces raided Rezaian's Tehran residence and arrested him and his wife, Yeganeh Salehi, on July 22, 2014. 

Salehi is also an Iranian correspondent for The National newspaper based in the United Arab Emirates.


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