US led coalition launches 14 air strikes in Syria, Iraq

US and allies launch 14 air strikes targeting DAESH assemblies in Syria and Iraq, US military says

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A pair of U.S. F-15E Strike Eagle

The United States and its allies on Monday launched 14 air strikes targeting DAESH positions in Syria and Iraq, the US military said in a statement on Tuesday.

In Syria, the warplanes are reported to have conducted six air strikes on three DAESH tactical units, wounding three militant fighters, while in Iraq eight air strikes took place near three DAESH tactical units and fighting positions including a factory used to produce explosive devices.

The US Defence Secretary Ash Carter visited the Turkish Incirlik military base in Adana later in the day, from where air stikes against DAESH have been launched by the US and allies.

"We look forward to learning more about what Saudi Arabia has in mind in terms of this coalition," he told reporters.

"But in general it appears it is very much in line with something we've been urging for quite some time, which is greater involvement in the campaign to combat ISIL [DAESH] by Sunni Arab countries," Carter added.

The US-led coalition launched an aerial campaign against the terror group DAESH in Syria and Iraq in September 2014. The United States, Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates are taking part in the coalition.

Last month the UK and France joined the coalition as well.  

France has been taking part in the air strikes with the coalition in Iraq since September 2014. In November, France announced it was deploying a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier to join operations against DAESH in Syria.

The UK also started by backing the US-led coalition in Iraq, and this month the Royal Air Force started carrying out air strikes in Syria as well.

The DAESH terrorist group, which controls large swathes of Syria and Iraq, emerged last year due to the chaos in Syria and Iraq, announcing a self-proclaimed caliphate with the Syrian city of Raqqa as its capital.

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