US shares special operations forces' locations with Russia

US Air Force General Charles Brown shares secret geographical details of US special operations team's location with Russia to avoid confrontation

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Children rest in the ruins of a Doctors Without Borders Hospital that was hit by Russian air strikes in Numan, Idlib Province, Syria, February 16, 2016.

Lieutenant General Charles Brown, who is in charge of US Air Force Command, shared the secret geographic location of US special operations forces in Syria, initially deployed to train DAESH opposition groups, with Russia.

The US showed Russia a geographical area and had "asked them to stay out because of the risk to US forces," Brown said at a video conference in Qatar while addressing journalists from the Pentagon.

In the past year the White House had given approval for the deployment of 50 special operations soldiers to give training to local forces fighting against DAESH.

Brown said that the US had provided locations where coalition forces were, while specific locations had not been given. Brown added they will not provide any additional information regarding the specified regions.

The US and Russia both expanded their level of military-to-military reconciliation in order to meet safety protocols for air crews operating in Syrian air space.

"We are protecting the safety of US troops in harm's way."

Brown, in response to a question regarding German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement on forming a no fly zone, said US forces will be wasting time trying to concentrate on no-fly zones rather than fighting with DAESH, saying it will be costly.

Merkel, on Monday, said she was in favor of a no-fly zone in northern Syria which Turkey has long been insisting in order to prevent civilian casualties and prevent refugees influx by keeping them inside Syria.

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