US spy chief differs with Trump on Russian hack

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper says he is "even more resolute" in his belief that Russia interfered in the US presidential election.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Clapper testifies before the Senate Armed Services Committee on January 5, 2017, in Washington, DC.

Updated Jan 6, 2017

The top US intelligence official said on Thursday he was "even more resolute" in his belief that Russia staged cyber attacks on Democrats during the 2016 election campaign. His words were a rebuke to persistent skepticism from Republican President-elect Donald Trump about whether Moscow was involved.

Clapper was among senior members of the intelligence community who testified at an intelligence hearing on the alleged hacking of the election. They called Russia's cyber program a "highly advanced offensive."

TRT World's Jennifer Glasse has more from Washington DC. 

Clapper is the Director of National Intelligence. He told the Senate Armed Services Committee that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the hack of the Democratic National Committee which led to thousands of emails being leaked, some of them embarrassing for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Clapper says the motive for the hack will be revealed next week.

US President-elect Donald Trump has been skeptical about allegations of Russian interference in the election. Russia denies involvement. 

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