US won’t allow extraditions of Colombian FARC

US says it will not press to deal with Colombia Farc rebels who have committed crimes, and not allow for their extradition

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

United States Ambassador to Colombia, Kevin Whitaker.

The US ambassador said to Bogota that the United States would no longer press for extradition of FARC militants who have committed crimes up to the Colombian government.

A number of FARC militants have in the past been extradited to the US to serve long sentences for drug trafficking.

Some 2,000 Colombians have been extradited to the United States during the past 13 years, including some FARC members.

The FARC and Colombian government shook hands to engage in peace and reached a final peace deal on transitional justice.

US Ambassador Kevin Whitaker called the agreement ‘’historic’’and that this would provide amnesty for FARC members who committed political crimes during the war, also it calls for FARC members to leave their weapons and for the establishment of a court with the purpose of judging both sides.

"But if the [Colombian] government decides it is not convenient to extradite them [to the US], we'll respect that.", Whitaker said on Tuesday.

"If you want to see that as the US's contribution to the peace process, you're welcome to do so," he added.

"We're friends and allies and if we can help in this way, we will."

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