Venezuela closes another border crossing with Colombia

Venezuelan president orders closure of one more border crossing with Colombia

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro speaks during a meeting, September 7, 2015

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro ordered the closure of one more border crossing with Colombia as the crisis continues late on Monday.

He said on TV “I have decided to close the border crossing at Paraguachon, Zulia state."

The previous closures were in Tachira state, neighbouring Zulia state.

Maduro also announced that he ordered sending 3,000 more troops to the border.

The crisis on the border started when Venezuela closed two border crossings on Aug. 19 following a conflict with Colombian smugglers and paramilitaries, and began deporting over 1,000 illegal Colombian migrants living in the border towns.

Until now, over 1,400 Colombians are deported from Venezuela and some 15,000 left their homes in fear of deportation.  

Pope sees hope

Pope Francis said on Sunday that he sees hope for a solution as the senior bishops of the two countries met the same day.

The Argentinian pope said in Spanish “The bishops of Venezuela and Colombia have met in recent days to analyse together the painful situation that has sprung up on the border between the two countries."

"In this meeting I see a clear sign of hope," he continued.

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