Venezuela opposition claims shots fired at election campaign

Venezuelan opposition Democratic Unity coalition says that one of their candidate’s caravans have been shot at during election campaign

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Opposition students shout slogans while they take part in a rally against President Nicolas Maduro's government on University Student Day, in Caracas, November 21, 2015

Venezuela’s opposition Democratic Unity coalition said on Sunday that bullets were fired from one of its candidate’s campaign caravans in a region close to Caracas.

The shooting took place amid rising national tensions as a result of the upcoming December 6 parliamentary elections.

President Nicolas Maduro has stated that the Dec. 6 vote for a new National Assembly is the most difficult election the ruling socialists have been confronted with, in their almost 17-year government and polls show that voters are angry at Venezuela's economic crisis.

The Unity believes the poll could mark the beginning of the end of the “Chavismo” ruling movement, of which the founder is Hugo Chavez.

A member of parliament Miguel Pizarro, who will be up for re-election, said that he and his supporters were confronted by heavily-armed men who opened fire during a walkabout in Caracas.

"Neither their shots, nor their pistols, nor their threats can overcome the strength of a people who have decided to change," he said adding that no one was injured.

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles published photos on his personal Twitter account showing men dressed in red with the symbol of the ruling Socialist Party, supposedly holding pistols and something that looked like a machine gun.

There has been neither a confirmation about the incident nor a comment from the governing Socialist Party.

Venezuela, a South American member of OPEC, with the world’s highest inflation and shrinking GDP is in a deep economic crisis, confronting   shortages of many basic foods and products.

Political instability has often raised tensions in Venezuela as 43 people including security officers, Maduro supporters and anti-government activists lost their lives in the street protests took place in 2014. 

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