Waco police find hundreds of weapons at biker shooting scene

Police say they found hundreds of weapons including one AK-47 at Twin Peaks restaurant where nine were killed in biker gang shootout

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Waco Police Department said on Wednesday they found at least 318 weapons at the Twin Peaks restaurant where nine people were killed in a shootout between rival motorcycle gangs on Sunday.

Waco Police Sergeant Patrick Swanton said they so far counted 118 handguns, one AK-47 assault-style rifle and 157 knives, as well as many clubs, brass knuckles, and chains as they are still counting.

Swanton said they estimate the total number of weapons to be around 500, revising an earlier Wednesday's statement which estimated the number about 1000 and significantly higher than initial estimate of around 120.

The weapons were found hidden in sacks of flour and bags of chips at the Twin Peaks restaurant, where gang members attacked each other in a fight which appears to be over a turf battle in the region.

The biker gangs involved in the incident were the Bandidos, dominant gang in Texas, and the Cossacks, a local group challenging the former for power.

Bandidos is one of the largest biker gangs in the country and “involved in transporting and distributing cocaine and marijuana and are involved in the production, transportation and distribution of methamphetamine,” according to Department of Justice.

Police have arrested 170 people charging them with involvement in organised crime relating to capital murder after the weekend’s deadly shootout and a judge set a $1 million bail for each of the detainees.

Authorities said the tension was still high between the rival groups and urge calm to prevent further violence.

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