Water pollution seen behind rural Mexico's health woes

Sewage is pumped into the water reservoir of Hidalgo, which area residents say is taking a toll on their health.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Mexico City produces 34,000 litres of sewage per second, all of which ends up in the rivers of Hidalgo state.

Residents of a rural community in Hidalgo state, north of Mexico City report a myriad of diseases ranging from birth defects to conjunctivitis, which they attribute to water pollution caused by sewage from Mexico City being pumped directly into their water reservoir. 

“We have observed a lot of damage in the local population caused by this sewage, not only defects but also very serious allergies,” said local ecologist Manuel Ceron. 

As many as a quarter of the children born into the 21 lakeside communities of 800 people have birth defects.

The government, however, is reluctant to draw a link between the sewage and its effects on area residents.

TRT World’s Alasdair Baverstock reports from Hidalgo, Mexico.