What is the one question you would ask Trump?

This is what people around the world want to ask the newly elected US president.

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Donald J. Trump faced a number of scandals in his run-up to the presidency.

Updated Feb 20, 2017

Donald J Trump won the US presidential elections on November 8 against all odds, polls and projections.

The president-elect is no stranger to controversy and had made a barrage of statements deemed offensive against women, African Americans, Muslims and Latinos.

Following his victory, protestors have poured onto the streets across the United States, refusing to recognise Trump as their next president.

We asked a number of people around the world that if given the chance what is the one question they would ask the US president-elect, and here is what the respondents had to say:

Damjana Janjanin, 32, Slovenia: How many hours do you sleep at night?


Natalie P., 29, Russia: After the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation, are you ever going to lift the US sanctions imposed on Russia?

Josh Evans, 29, Britain: Why do you keep on insisting that you were against the Iraq War when before the invasion of Iraq, they recorded you openly supporting it? Those records are all public.

Jinane Amrov, 22, Canada: Why did you become a politician?

Abdul Matin Amiri, 27, Afghanistan: I would ask him about the future of our country, Afghanistan. Since the US invasion it's become more and more reliant on US assistance, and now it's turned into another battlefield. What will he do with it?


Juan Perez, 36, Spain: When will you quit Mr Trump?

Fredinant Ebubekir Hasmucha, 30, Albania: Will Muslims continue to bleed under your presidency?

Vasko Josifoski, 30, Macedonia: Will you star in any other movie and where do you invest the majority of your earnings?

Trump in a scene from Home Alone 2.

Andreas K., 28, Greece: You say that your experience as a manager will allow you to run the federal government much better than President Obama or Hilary Clinton. On Fortune Magazine’s list of the most admired companies, your casino company ranked at the bottom – worst or almost worst in management, use of assets, employee talent, long-term investment value, and social responsibility. Your casino company later went bankrupt. Why should anyone believe your claims that you are a competent manager?

Arif Prasetya, 25, Indonesia: Trump, I heard it would become difficult to obtain a US visa. As a traveller and a Muslim, I want to know if are you going to close the US border for us? 

Julian Urban, 22, Germany: Do you dye your hair?

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Aboagye Mintah, 32, Ghana: Clearly the way he runs his campaign and the policy positions he proposed indicated that all he cared about was tapping into the populist fears. It’s obvious that all he cared about was winning the elections irrespective of how he did it. I would want to find out what specific things he would do in the immediate term, that would at least remedy this image now that he is the POTUS?

Ahsan Iftikhar Nagi, 24, Pakistan: After the US election and the protests that erupted, what do you think is the biggest problem that the US faces today?


Onur Demirhan, 32, Turkey: Like some previous administrations, are you also thinking or planning an invasion to "bring democracy?"

"The failure of Iraqi democracy would embolden terrorists around the world, increase dangers to the American people, and extinguish the hopes of millions in the region." George W. Bush. Image: White House