WikiLeaks lifts the lid on CIA's "Weeping Angel" spying bug

Documents published by WikiLeaks claim that the US spy agency can turn your Smart TV or Smartphone into a listening device. It can also get around encryption software on popular apps like WhatsApp and Signal.

Photo by: Reuters Archive
Photo by: Reuters Archive

WikiLeaks says the hacking tools have cracked iPhones, Android systems, popular Microsoft software and Samsung Smart TVs.

Wikileaks has published nearly 9,000 documents claiming the CIA has allegedly developed a remote access bug called "Weeping Angel" that can take control of Samsung Smart TVs, put them in a fake off-mode, then listen to conversations in the room.

The documents include details of a programme called "Vault 7" through which the US spy agency can hack many electronic devices. The CIA has also managed to gain total remote access control of older versions of iPhones and Android devices.

The documents claim once the CIA gains access to a phone, it can even snoop on encrypted chat apps such as Whatsapp and Signal.

According to Wikileaks, the hacking software can steal content from conversations while they are waiting to be decrypted and displayed on the screens of phones.

TRT World's Sourav Roy explains how it works.

To read the documents, click here.