Fassbender woes audience at Lebowski live read performance

Director Jason Reitman produces a live table read performance of ‘The Big Lebowski’ in Montreal during Just For Laughs Festival

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A group of performers led by Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and Patton Oswalt revived the Coen brothers’ cult classic “The Big Lebowski” in front of an audience in Montreal on Friday during the Just For Laughs Festival .

Michael Fassbender showed up on stage dressed in a robe, white shorts and with a white Russian and wearing flip flops as The Dude. Patton Oswalt acted as Walt.

The duo was joined by Martin Starr as Jesus, Mike Judge as the stranger, Olivia Munn as Bunny, T.J. Miller as Brant, Mae Whitman as Donny, Jennifer Lawrence as Maude and Dennis Quaid as Big Lebowski.

Live Read, organised by director Jason Reitman, is an event where unprepared performers read aloud a classic script. Reitman has run the shows since 2011 mostly in Los Angeles. 

However this year the Live Read event was a part of the annual Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, Canada

Fassbender also sang a couple of lines from Kenny Rogers and the First Edition’s “Just Dropped to the crowd.“

Although the audience had to que for up to 10 hours for a ticket, it had amazing reviews from the crowd. 

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