Finland to entitle concert goers to refunds

Finnish music fans left disappointed after concerts can now receive refunds, according to Finnish media

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A new law in Finland entitles music fans to get a refund if they are disappointed by a live performance.

Finland’s Consumer Disputes Board has ruled that music fans can ask for their money back if an artist's performance is well below what they reasonably expected.

The decision came after an incident in Helsinki in 2013 when an attendee at a Chuck Berry concert demanded his money back after the legendary musician did not perform well on stage.  Berry was unwell during the concert and apologised to fans while on stage. The consumer body decided that the event's organiser should refund 50 percent of the ticket price.

Spokesperson Pauli Ståhlberg said, "Anyone seeking a ruling like this is always spurred by a subjective opinion, but that's not enough to get a refund. What is significant is a generally agreed view that the concert was a failure, as it was in the Chuck Berry case."

Ståhlberg also claims that the "issue of quality" relates less whether a performance is "good or bad by some objective measure" but "whether or not the performance meets the consumer's expectations."

While refunds are standard practice for cancelled concerts, it's rare for fans to ask for their money back if they are disappointed by a performance.

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