Gérard Depardieu ‘national security threat’ to Ukraine

Ukraine bans French actor Gerard Depardieu,classifies him as a "national security threat" to the country for saying the country is part of Russia

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

French actor Gerard Depardieu has been officially listed as a "national security threat" to Ukraine for his support of Russian president Vladimir Putin and banned from the country, meaning he cannot visit Ukraine ever again. 

It is also forbidden for the Ukrainian media to name him ,publish images of him or the movies he is in such as Life of Pi and Cyrano de Bergerac. The movies he acted in also will be barred from online streaming services. 

The decision to qualify the actor as a “national security threat” came following Depardieu's controversial comments made at a film festival in Riga, Latvia last year.

He said: "I love Russia and Ukraine, which is part of Russia."

In the past he openly expressed his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin and was granted citizenship to the federation two years ago. His new passport was delivered to him personally by Putin. 

After giving up his French citizenship and becoming a Russian citizen, Depardieu sent an open letter to Russian media outlets expressing his love for the country. In his letter he praised Russia's culture and intelligence and said he was "proud to be Russian".

He then added: "France is sad and I think the French are fed up. They lack conviction.”

Jean-Marc Ayrault, French Prime Minister at the time said the actor was "shabby and unpatriotic."

Depardieu, 65, has been in almost 200 films and has won numerous awards but has drawn attention in recent years for his love of drinks and his controversial comments. 

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