Germany’s word of year for 2015 is ‘refugees’

Society for German Language choose 'Flüchtlinge' meaning 'refugees' in English as word of year in 2015

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Germany’s word of the year for 2015 is ‘refugees’

The Society for the German Language has announced the word of the year. lLooking at different cases in the world, the jury of the society has evaluated 2,500 suggestions, ranging from politics, economics, and social events in the past 12 moths.

According to the jury, the word of the year is  “Flüchtling” meaning “refugees,” word was the "dominant theme of the year."

Germany had said it will accept up to 1 million asylum seekers by the end of this year, four times more than what it accepted in 2014. German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been criticised for her “open borders” policy even within her own party, causing a serious division in Germany's coalition government.

The official number of refugees that have traveled to Europe by sea has reached 845,893 since the beginning of this year (January-November 20, 2015), nearly four times the total for all of 2014.

Another 3,519 have died or gone missing on their way to Europe, according to International Organization for Migration (IOM).

In second place was “je suis Charlie,” more of a hashtag or a phrase than a word, meaning “ I am Charlie”. This phrase became the most popular in the world after the January attack on Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris.

In third place "Grexit" , this has been around since 2011 and refers to the scenario of Greece leaving the Eurozone.

The Society for the German Language allowed for two words regarding the refugee crisis to take place in the top 10. The sixth place on the list is  "Durchwinken" meaning "to wave through," Chancellor Merkel’s "Wir schaffen das!" which translates as "We can do this" was also in the top 10.

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