Harry Shearer quits Simpson after 25 years

"The Simpsons" crew and fans are worried by Harry Shearer’s decision to leave the show. He voices more than 10 of the characters

Photo by: The Simpsons
Photo by: The Simpsons

Updated Jul 28, 2015

“The Simpsons" is TV's longest-running series, with the same of six actors voicing the regular cartoon characters for 26 years. However, it might be coming into an end after Harry Shearer decides to leave the show.

Harry Shearer, the voice of "Simpsons" characters like Mr. Burns, Principal Skinner, and Ned Flanders, tweeted late Wednesday that he's leaving the microphone where he worked since 1989.

"This is because I wanted what we've always had: The freedom to do other work," he added and underlined the fact that "it wasn't about money."

Al Jean, executive producer of the Simpsons, later tweeted in response that the actor's roles would be recasted if he did not return.

Jean then tweeted Shearer's tweet was "confusing," and "My dream in life is for someone to treat me the way the Simpsons treated Harry."

TV producer James L. Brooks who developed The Simpsons said "Hey, we tried, we're still trying. Harry, no kidding, let's talk."

Any change to "The Simpsons" might ruin things because of the show's iconic status and all its voices remained intact for more than 25 years.

This is not the first time voice actors had disagreements with the studio.

In 2011, a pay dispute led to a 30 percent pay cut for Shearer and the others. Reportedly, after the pay cut  they still earn $300,000 per episode which makes them among the best-compensated actors on TV.

Howard Bragman, a Hollywood publicist said "Harry put it on Twitter in hopes fans would pressure the producers. Most of these things are done by agents, lawyers and managers, very privately and discreetly.”

He added "He's trying to get his fans to rally behind him. And he's not talking about money, he's talking about his artistic freedom, which is the smart thing to do,"

This month Fox renewed "The Simpsons" for Seasons 27 and 28.

"The Simpsons" is the longest-running series in prime-time TV history and has made more than $1 billion in profit to News Corp., the parent company of Fox.

20th Century Fox Television has not commented yet.

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