Iranian rap star releases a “Nuclear Energy” song

Following the Iran nuclear talks in Vienna, Iranian rapper Amir Tataloo and his new song, “Energy Hastei,” meaning “Nuclear Energy” in Persian, was the top Google search in Tehran

Photo by: Facebook
Photo by: Facebook

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Iranian underground rapper Amir Tataloo released his new song, “Energy Hastei,” meaning “Nuclear Energy” in Persian, following the Iran nuclear talks and has become the top Google searched topic in Tehran. 

The 32-year-old rapper Tataloo, whose real name is Amir Hussein Maghsoudloo, has more than 1.2 million fans following his official Facebook page. He has gained popularity through his work which includes pop, rap, and R&B

Tataloo’s new video is prefaced with a brief message that reads, “No power can prevent the Iranian nation from having peaceful nuclear energy.”

He is dressed in light camouflage with an “Allah” necklace on his neck. In the chorus, he says “Having an armed Persian Gulf is our absolute right,” standing at top the Iranian Navy warship, Damavand. He is joined by Iranian soldiers on the ship’s deck.

Although newly released video sparked an interest on social media, the Iranian press did not appear to pay much attention to it. 

Some Iranians sarcastically ridiculed the video, often insulting him and accusing him of “selling out” and joining the very forces that arrested him in 2013 by Iran’s Morality Police for not getting government authorisation in order to play his music, hold concerts, and produce music albums and videos.

Others criticised Iran’s armed forces saying their national forces “are more dignified than to become propaganda for such an infamous singer.”

Deputy Culture Minister Hussein Noushabadi was asked about the ministry’s involvement in the video. Noushabadi said, “The video had been made without the coordination of the Culture Ministry.” 

He added, “I was surprised that the navy gave [Tataloo] the responsibility to create such a video. But it’s possible that the order [to create the video] was given from within one of the military forces, and the cultural authorities must investigate this. Because if there was a permit given, it should have been coordinated with the ministry.”

The rapper confronted his critics on his instagram account, saying, “I feel bad for my friends who are posting such ugly comments. They should know that I’m not listening [to them], and that I’m moving forward, and God willing, very soon all of my countrymen will be full of love, supporting one another, and God willing the sanctions will be lifted.

"I don’t care about those who are jealous, who sing political songs against their own country just so they can stay in a foreign country, or those who fill their videos with girls to show that they're cool … I patiently worked on this nuclear energy song project for 14 years and I believe in it.”

Tataloo concluded the post by writing, “If I’m flattering the system, I’m doing it for my country and motherland, and not for any foreigners or outsiders.”

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