Lego wins trademark case

Lego minifigure protected trademark according to EU court ruling

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The European court of justice has ruled that Danish toy company Lego’s minifigures are more than just building bricks.

The court ruled that the shape of Lego's figures is a protected trademark and therefore cannot be copied.

Lego registered the figures as a "three-dimensional trademark" in 2000 but its rival company Best-Lock produced similar toys, claiming Lego's little men and women were part of a toy which involved interlocking building blocks for play purposes - making the trademark invalid.

In response Lego started a legal battle saying the minifigure has become an iconic representation of what a Lego product is.

But the EU court decided the essential elements of Lego's figures had nothing to do with their ability to be joined to other building blocks, the figures are a legally valid registered trademark.

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