Turkish kebap fires up regulatory debate

The Adana Chamber of Commerce wants to standardise the taste of the city's famous kebap. That amuses Adana's kebap makers, who don't think the authorities should meddle with their recipes.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

Critics say the standardised recipe the trade body came up with does not produce an authentic Adana kebap.

The Adana Chamber of Commerce says its decision to standardise the ingredients and preparation of the city's spicy kebap will ensure the recipe is preserved for future generations, and make the local favourite export-friendly.

The only problem is that critics say they've got it all wrong.

"The standardised recipe from the Chamber of Commerce is not the real Adana kebap. It's something different," Zekeriya Tiniz, the owner of Elem restaurant, told TRT World.

As Andre Pierre du Plessis discovered, local restaurateurs are proud of their distinctive taste and don't want authorities messing with their recipe for success.