Women 'not capable of understanding Goodfellas': critic

New York Post’s chief film critic’s claim ‘women are not capable of understanding Goodfellas’ sparks arguments on Twitter

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Kyle Smith, the New York Post’s chief film critic, claiming that “women don’t get GoodFellas” has drawn harsh reactions after his article was published.

Smith, in his article, called “Women are not capable of understanding GoodFellas”  referred to women as “the sensitivity police” who would not understand Martin Scorsese’s gangster classic, GoodFellas.

Smith tried to prove his point by comparing Sex and the City and GoodFellas. He wrote: “When the Sex and the City girls sit around at brunch, they’re a tightly knit clique – but their rule is to always be sympathetic and supportive as each describes her problems, usually revolving around the men in her life.”

He then adds “As GoodFellas shows us, guys hanging out together don’t really like to talk about the women in their lives because that’s too real. What we’d much rather do than discuss problems and ‘be supportive’ is to keep the laughs coming – to endlessly bust each other’s balls.”

Smith finishes of his piece by raising the question “What would ‘GoodFellas’ be like if it were told by a woman?” and then answers with a rhetorical question “And who would want to watch that movie?”

Smith’s essays are mainly controversial. Recently he called the movie Philomena “a hateful and boring attack on Catholics”

The real Philomena Lee responded his criticism by saying “Your review of the movie paints its story as being a condemnation of Catholicism and conservative views. Forgive me for saying so, Kyle, but you are incorrect.”

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