21 people detained in Azerbaijan

21 Azerbaijani nationals jailed after violent protests in Mingachevir

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The Azerbaijan Interior Ministry said that 21 people were detained during clashes with security forces in Mingachevir on Saturday as they were protesting the death a young man in interrogation.

According to Interior Ministry official information, 27-year-old Bahruz Hajiyev died in 20 August by throwing himself out from a window after he was detained for selling and using drugs.

Azerbaijani news agency Trend reported that not one sign of violence was found on Hajiyev's body by a forensic expert who examined his body.

The father of Hajiyev on the other hand told the Azadliq radio station that there were numerous bruises on his son’s body.

"A man who threw himself out of a window would have broken limbs, but my sun didn't. They must have tried to accuse of something. He didn't agree. After which police beat him up so badly that he died. To hide this, they simply threw him out of the window of the third floor of the police station," he said.

A criminal case was started under the Azerbaijan’s Criminal Code according to the prosecutor’s office.

After Hajiyev's funeral, a group of people started harm to public property, violating public order and disobeyed police warnings.

The protesters believe Hajiyev was murdered by police in custody, News.am reported.

On the other hand, police said that Hajiyev "unexpectedly jumped out of a third-floor window during questioning," the Associated Press reported.

Police clashed with the same group as they tried to march to the city centre.

Police used teargas and sound bombs to disperse the crowd.

Four officers were injured during clashes and a vehicle of the Mingachevir Police Station was damaged as well.

In a press release by the Interior Ministry, it was said that they were "saddened" by the incident and extend their condolences to the family of the late Bahruz Hajiyev

The ministry also said “We, at the same time, bring to attention that the attempts to disrupt public order and stability in the city, provoked by destructive elements, will be stopped and measures will be taken against the perpetrators in line with law.”

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