5 people killed in China's Hubei due to rainstorms

Strong rainstorms hit China’s Hubei Province leave at least five dead and four missing

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Heavy rains killed at least five people and affected almost 6,000 residents in central China's Hubei Province, the provincial civil affairs department said on Thursday.

Due to the rain storms, more than 5,800 people have been evacuated in the province since Tuesday as the rainstorm hit the country, Press Trust of India news agency reported.

Provincial civil affairs department announced that the rainstorms killed five residents and left four other missing as the water level of more than 400 reservoirs   reached the warning level.

The natural disaster has caused 111 million USD in damages for the Chinese economy as the floods washed away roads, houses, power and water conservation facilities in the area, the provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters told Xinhua News agency.

A four-story residential building also collapsed due to the strong rainstorm. The owner of the building and his family left the apartment before it fell down in response to a governmental warning in Yingshan County.

Heavy rains and floods have been affecting areas along the Yangtze River, including the provinces of Anhui and Jiangsu, as well as the cities of Chongqing and Shanghai since Tuesday.

"I was awakened by the sound of rain last night. It was hard for me to reach work this morning, since the road in front of my house is like a river," a Shanghai resident said.

In early June 2013, the Sichuan Province of China faced the worst rainstorm of the last fifty years in which 73 people were killed and 180 others went missing. More than 6 million people were affected by the disaster.

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