Afghan Taliban kills ex-militia boy

Taliban kills Afghan school boy known for fighting militants in past

Photo by: Social Media
Photo by: Social Media

Wasil Ahmad seen in a soldier uniform

Afghan officials confirmed on Wednesday that a ten-year-old boy who had fought against the Taliban in the past, was killed by the militant group on his way to school.

Reportedly, the Taliban on Monday announced they had killed him with two bullets to his head.  

The boy, Wasil Ahmad, was killed in Tirin Kot, the capital of the southern Uruzgan Province, Rahimullah Khan, the deputy police chief of the province said.

He also said Ahmad fought the Taliban alongside his uncle on many occasions, who was formerly a Taliban commander before joining the government forces.

According to spokesman Rafiullah Baidar, local police declared the boy a hero after he battled a Taliban siege following the death of his father in fighting.

"Possibly he took up arms to take revenge for his father's death, but it was illegal for the police to declare him a hero and reveal his identity, especially to the insurgents," Baidar said.

Ahmad had enrolled in school a few months after militia life, according to several reports.

Recruitment of children in Afghanistan is in full spate although it is illegal in the country.  

Not only militants but also Afghan governments have been using children in their war for years, the charity Child Soldiers International said.

According to a 2015 report by the UN Security Council's working group on children and armed conflict, children were recruited by the Afghan National Police and the Afghan Local Police with reasons of patriotism and honour, but the main reason has remained as poverty.  

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