Afghanistan to host peace talks with Taliban next week

Officials from Afghanistan, Pakistan, United States and China to hold peace talks to reconcile with Taliban

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, left, with the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani after a news conference in Kabul on 12 May.

An official from the Afghan president’s office said on Monday that the country will host a meeting with the attendance of officials from the United States, China and Pakistan next week to find a way to reconcile with the Taliban.   

"We expect that every country will play its part in ensuring the peace process in Afghanistan moves ahead," the official said.

It is expected that the talks will focus on reviving the stalled peace process between Afghanistan and the militant group. The talks have been stalled since it was revealed in June that Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar has been dead for about two years.

In the process of choosing a new leader the Taliban suffered from internal conflict as some group members refused to pay homage to Omar’s successor Mullah Akhtar Mansour.

The decision to hold a meeting came after Pakistani Army General Raheel Sharif met with President Ashraf Ghani to set a course for the peace talks in Kabul on Sunday.  

The United States and China will also send representatives to the talks as both countries have major investments and interests in the region.

Afghan leaders have accused Pakistan of sponsoring "terrorist" activities in Afghanistan, however, Pakistan has denied this many times, saying it has also been suffering from terrorism.  

At least 23 people lost their lives and 75 others were wounded on Tuesday in a suicide bomb attack which targeted a government building in northwestern Pakistan.

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