Australia says ISIS going global, wants regional action

Australian PM claims ISIS has become global terror movement with ultimate aim of 'universal dominion'

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott warned nations in the Asia Pacific about ISIS militant group on Thursday, saying it has a simple message: "submit or die."

Abbott used the Regional Countering Violent Extremism Summit in Sydney to urge the countries to take joint action against ISIS and its "global ambitions."

During the keynote speech, he said "Daesh [ISIS] is coming, if it can, for every person and for every government with a simple message: 'Submit or die'," adding "You can't negotiate with an entity like this, you can only fight it."

Describing ISIS as a "death cult," Abbott said the declaration of a self-proclaimed "caliphate" by the group’s leaders signals that it has the aim of “universal dominion.”

The two-day conference in which Abbott made the comments was a gathering of 27 ministers and officials from the region, including Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Laos, Vietnam and New Zealand.

Representatives from Google, Facebook, Twitter are also attending the Sydney Summit as officials talk about the use of social media sites by the militant groups. They will be discussing ways to stop online propaganda and recruitment.

The Australian PM has stressed the need for preventing the radicalisation of young people, calling on religious leaders and families to convince them that terrorism is futile.

He also reiterated the Australian government's plan to strip foreign fighters of citizenship. So far the passports of 115 Australians have been canceled, with the passports of nine others whose travel plans were "suspect" being suspended, in addition to 14 passport applications being refused.

Australia believes that around 100 of its nationals are fighting in Iraq and Syria and around 50 percent of them are dual-citizens.  

The new legislation will provide the country’s immigration minister with the authority to strip Australian citizenship from dual-passport holders even if they are not convicted of an offence.

Australia is also planning to take the children of militants fighting overseas into custody. In response experts have said that children should not be punished because of their parents' actions.

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