Bangkok's street vendors are being forced off the streets

The Thai government has given the capital's famous street vendors until Monday to move off the pavement in a city-wide clean-up.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

A street vendor in the Thai capital Bangkok. (File photo)

The Thai government is forcing many of the capital's food vendors off the streets. A city-wide clean-up drive has given many of these small businesses until Monday to close up shop.

Thai street food is famous worldwide. Quick and delicious meals that are also a favourite with locals.

But now the vendors are being kicked off the streets. Thousands have already been forced to shut down. And the government has given an April 17 deadline to vendors in some of the city's most famous food hubs.

The authorities say it'll be good for the city. But the vendors and their customers aren't so sure.

TRT World's Tazkira Sattar has more from Bangkok.