Besieged Afghan forces in Sangin receive reinforcements

Afghan government sends military reinforcements to armed forces besieged by Taliban militants in Sangin District of Afghanistan’s Helmand Province

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Afghan security forces patrol near their base in the Marjah district of Helmand Province on December 23, 2015

Afghan authorities announced on Wednesday that the government has sent ammunition, military equipment and food supplies to Sangin District in the country’s Helmand province where besieged Afghan security forces have been fighting against Taliban militants to prevent the fall of the district.

Although the Taliban still insists that its siege of the town is not over, Helmand's deputy governor Mohammad Jan Rasulyar said the army was "now taking the fight to the Taliban."

Rasulyar had complained of being abandoned by the central government on Sunday, writing a Facebook post which read, "We don't provide food and ammunition to our forces on time, do not evacuate our wounded and martyred soldiers from the battle field, and foreign forces only watch the situation from their bases and don't provide support."

Helmand Province has a strategic significance as it is a center of opium production and a Taliban heartland that British and American troops struggled to control for years. It has been the scene of battles between insurgents and security forces over the last six months.

A year after the UK mission against the Afghan Taliban came to an end with more than 100 British troops killed, the British Ministry of Defence announced on Tuesday that a number of military personnel who are part of a larger NATO team had been deployed to Camp Shorabak in Helmand Province to act in an "advisory role" without attending combat operations.

About 450 British troops remain in Afghanistan mentoring and supporting the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces and the Afghan Security Ministries.

In the wake of the Kunduz attacks conducted by the Taliban in October in Afghanistan’s north, US President Barack Obama also had cancelled his earlier decision to pull out most of the 9,500 US soldiers who remain in the country.

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