China calls on DPRK, S Korea & US to calm down

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said missile tests by the DPRK and US-South Korea military drills were causing regional tensions to escalate like "accelerating trains coming toward each other."

Photo by: AFP Archive
Photo by: AFP Archive

North Korea parades its Musudan-class missiles during a military parade in Pyongyang, North Korea.

China called on North Korea on Wednesday to stop its nuclear and missile tests, fearing a rapid escalation of tension on the Korean peninsula.

Beijing also urged South Korea and the US to stop joint military drills and seek talks instead.

North Korea launched four ballistic missiles on Monday in response to the joint US-South Korea military exercises, which it regards as preparation for war.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the tests by the North and the joint drills across the border in South Korea were causing tension to escalate like two "accelerating trains coming toward each other."

His comments came a day after the US military rushed to deploy the first elements of its advanced Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system to South Korea in response to the DPRK tests.

Wang reiterated China's concerns on THAAD's deployment and called it a mistake.

TRT World spoke to Dan Epsein who is following developments from Beijing.

China objects to THAAD deployment

China has repeatedly objected to the deployment of THAAD, saying it destroys the regional security balance.

China believes the system's far-reaching radar can penetrate into its territory and can be used to monitor its military.

South Korea and the US have said the missile system is aimed only at defending against any North Korean missiles.

TRTWorld, Reuters