China criticises Japan over approved military bill

China asserted that Japan should not endanger peace in region after laws extending role of its military abroad are approved

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Japanese parliament discussing the proposed bill


China warned Japan on Saturday not to put the peace in the region in danger, after Japanese military bill was approved in the parliament.

Japan's parliament gave final approval early on Saturday to the laws which will allow its military to act in "collective self-defence" if the country's interests are threatened at home or abroad.

China’s defence ministry said Japan needed to learn "profound lessons from history" after Japan’s parliamentary vote.

Japan’s powerful lower house of parliament, approved a security bill, which allows the country’s security forces to fight abroad for first time since World War II, the bill will be sent to the upper chamber where it is expected to be finalized.

Lawmakers passed the bill to maximize Japan's troops efficiency.

According to Japanese government, changes in policy are profoundly important to defend Japan against military threats that have increased lately, especially from China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hong Lei said on Saturday that Japan "runs counter to the trend of the times that upholds peace, development and co-operation", the Xinhua news agency reports.

"The move has breached the restrictions of Japan's pacifist constitution," the ministry added.

He also urged Japan to "listen to the just appeal of its people and the international community and pay attention to security concerns of its neighbours."

Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe indicated that Japan needs to change the country's pacifist constitution and ensure regional peace and security for its global peacekeeping missions.

In addition to that, supporters of the bill suggest that it helps enable the Japan Self Defence Forces to prevent potential threats from nations such as China and North Korea, which are continuing to develop their military and nuclear weapons programs.

Tensions between China and Japan has been tense since the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1937, after Japanese troops invaded north-east China, the war ended after Japan surrendered to the Allied forces on in 1945.

Issues continue to impact modern Sino-Japanese relations as they both currently claim sovereignty over a chain of islands.


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