China detaines thousands over internet crimes

China arrests 15,000 people in online security crackdown

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Aug 19, 2015

In China’s latest crackdown, thousands of internet users have been arrested by the Chinese police for crimes that "jeopardized internet security,"  according to a statement from the Chinese Ministry of Public Security's website.  

Chinese police launched an investigation to identify cyber crimes that were linked to 7,500 cases, regarding the results, 15,000 people reportedly have been detained since last December.

Following President Xi Jinping's assumed power in 2013, he brought harsh restrictions over the country’s internet usage due to the Communist Party seeing it as a threat for its power and aimed to control it with strict laws and practices, according to Chinese researchers and academicians.

The latest move for restriction of internet usage was a six-month-long programme known as "cleaning the internet" that was launched last month by the Chinese authorities.    

The campaign targeted more than 66,000 websites for sharing "illegal and harmful information" as well as sharing advertisements related to pornography, gambling, explosives and firearms, according to law enforcement.   

"For the next step, the public security organs will continue to increase their investigation and crackdown on cyber crimes," the ministry said.

The ministry also claimed that the campaign has targeted criminal gangs and breaking major cases, several gangs demolished as a result of the latest efforts.  

Internet censorship in China is implicating with many laws and administrative regulations. The country has its own online censorship mechanism, called as the "Great Firewall" to control the internet stream in the country.

The country is not only interested in activities of the websites but also tracking the comments of the citizens. Amnesty International which is a non-governmental organization focusing on violation of human rights all around the world accepted that, China "has the largest recorded number of imprisoned journalists and cyber-dissidents in the world."

Beijing’s internet regulators shut down 50 Chinese website last week for reporting baseless information and escalating tension in the country, following the massive explosion that hit the port of country’s northern metropolis of Tianjin on August 12, leaving hundreds of people dead.


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