China expanding space program

US Defense Ministry says China expanding its space programme, ranking first in world

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The United States Defense Ministry announced on Friday China is the first-ranked country which has the most growing space programme, developing lasers, satellite jammers, and other weapons.

The US Defense Department introduced an annual report to Congress on military and security issues related to China, which increases the US concerns on China's growing space capabilities.

Chinese space activities prompted the US to add $5 billion extra spendings on military and spy satellites.

The report said China, by October 2014, had launched 16 spacecraft in order to expand its satellite communications and surveillance capabilities.

The US has accused China of developing destructive space technologies, but China said its space programme aims peaceful purposes.

The Defense Department report also said China launched an object into space in May 2013 at a point where many nations have communications and earth-sensing satellites.

The report said China continued to defend the necessity of their space activities for destroying, damaging, and interfering with “the enemy’s reconnaissance and communications satellites to deafen the enemy.”


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