China says 300,000 officials punished for corruption in 2015

China’s top disciplinary watchdog says 300,000 officials penalised for corruption last year

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Central Commission for Discipline Inspection head Wang Qishan warned that even the anti-graft watchdogs themselves faced disciplinary problems.

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, China’s top disciplinary watchdog, penalised nearly 300,000 officials in 2015, amid a crackdown on corruption, Chinese state media reported late on Sunday.

The Commission administered major demotions and “severe” disciplinary penalties to around 82,000 of those found to have committed violations, according to its state media.

Among them, ten officials who had been centrally appointed and administered were given “drastic” demotions and severe disciplinary punishments for serious violations of the Communist Party of China’s code of conduct.

About 200,000 others were punished more lightly and transferred to other posts.

According to Chinese state media, the Commission has been cracking down in an attempt to maintain the code of conduct, working to realise violations earlier and to prevent corruption.

Chinese President Xi Jinping launched a wide-reaching crackdown on corruption among officials in 2013, since tens of thousands of suspects, including dozens of high-profile individuals at the top of the Communist Party, have been investigated.

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