China to boost cooperation with Africa against terrorism

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi says China to increase its security cooperation with Africa after deadly hotel siege in Mali

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

China will increase its cooperation with Africa in fighting against militants after an attack last week in Mali left at least 20 people dead, including three Chinese citizens, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Thursday.

"As China continues to promote pragmatic cooperation between China and Africa, we will strengthen bilateral cooperation in counter-terrorism and the fight against extremism," Wang Yi said in a speech to diplomats and reporters.

Chinese President Xi Jinping also called his officials to increase security work out of the country last week.

Wang said collaboration between China and Africa would not "take the old road by traditional powers" nor give up Africa and long-dated interests.

"Anyone wearing coloured glasses or making remarks on China-Africa cooperation with ulterior motives in the face of the overwhelming facts will be powerless," Wang Yi stated.

"They will be boycotted by the Chinese and African people," he added.

A senior Chinese official also indicated on Wednesday that China was ready to announce new aid to African nations during Xi Jinping's official visits to Zimbabwe and South Africa in November.

The African continent has huge underground resources of minerals such as gold, silver and uranium. World powers continue to pursue opportunities to access these reserves. Mali is the third largest gold producer in Africa and also has large uranium mines and these resources are extracted largely by French companies.

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