China warns its citizens of anti-China protests in Turkey

China's Embassy to Turkey warns its citizens travelling to Turkey, alleging Turkish anti-China protesters ‘attack’ Chinese tourists over treatment of Uighurs

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Beijing warned its citizens in Turkey or those planning to travel to the country, on Sunday, to be wary of “anti-China” protests, asserting that some Chinese tourists were attacked by protesters.

"Absolutely do not get close to or film the protests, and minimise to the greatest extent outside activities on one's own," said the China's Embassy to Turkey on its website.

The warning came after some Chinese citizens were allegedly attacked in Turkey  on Saturday by marchers protesting against the Chinese oppression of Uighurs.

China’s maltreatment of Uighurs is a crucial issue for Turkey, which is why predominantly patriotic Turks carry out frequent protests to raise awareness regarding the oppressed Muslim Uighur people in China’s far-western region, Xinjiang.

Turkey vowed on Friday that it will open its doors to Uighurs who are fleeing Chinese persecution.

The Turkic Uighur minority were reportedly banned from worship and fasting during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, by the Chinese administration.

Those affected by the ban were party members, civil servants, students and teachers.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry expressed “deep concern” earlier after reports that the Chinese government implicated a fasting ban on its Uighur population in Ramadan.

Several hundred protesters gathered in Istanbul on Sunday and marched towards the Chinese consulate, calling on China to end its oppression of Uighurs.

“Uighurs are our brothers and are being persecuted for their faith,” said one of the protesters.

"They did nothing wrong, their only fault is to be Muslim. Turkey should embrace its brothers…”

The Uighur population, which makes up around 45 percent of Xinjiang, has accused the Chinese administration of oppression and carrying out restraining policies that limit their religious and cultural freedom.

China, however, denies allegations and says that they are not a reflection of the truth.


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