Chinese protesters clash with police over rubbish dump

Chinese protesters clash with police followin the decision of construction rubbish dump

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

A tourist wears a face mask in Beijing's Tiananmen Square

Chinese police on Thursday clashed with demonstrators against the construction of a rubbish depot due to health concerns.

The violence in Wuhan in Hubei province began on Wednesday, according to online posts on Jingchu Network, China's version of Twitter.

The Online posts stated that, crowds of people gathered near a construction site where the rubbish collection station is planned to be built.

During a telephone interview, four residents told Reuters that the demonstrations have been ongoing for four days, adding that several demonstrators had been arrested by police.

A protester who refused to be identified said, "If this problem isn't resolved, we will continue to to protest.’’

"We don't want to cause trouble, all we want is to defend our rights."

The Wuhan Panlong City Economic Development Zone Management Committee said on Tuesday that the government had pulled out of the proposed plan, however, residents said construction had not stopped.

The protests comes amid an air pollution crisis in China, where a “red alert” was recently lifted for heavy smog that had covered the capital, Beijing.

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