Death toll exceeds 2,500 in Nepal after Saturday’s quake

Devastating quake hits Nepal, killing more than 2,500 people, wounding at least 7,500

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The death toll after a devastating 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Nepal surpassed 2,400 on Sunday, aftershocks raise fear in the country’s Kathmandu valley.

Neighbouring countries are sending rescue teams and aid equipments to Nepal, who is facing the biggest natural disaster after 1934 when 8,500 people were killed by another unleashing earthquake.
The quake also hit the neighbouring India; reporting 62 deaths, and China; reporting 17 deaths in Tibet.

Nearly 7,500 others were injured in Nepal, according to the authorities, warning it would raise the crisis in the country since most of the hospitals were overflowing and were in need of medical supplies.

"Both private and government hospitals have run out of space and are treating patients outside, in the open," Deep Kumar Upadhyay, Nepal's envoy to India, said to Reuters on Sunday.

China announced it sent an emergency team, consisting of 60 people, and India said it sent medical supplies and a group of rescue team from its National Disaster Response Force. Pakistan’s army also said it sent four C-180 aircraft with 30-bed hospital, search and rescue teams, and medical supplies.

Turkey also sent a 65-strong search and rescue team to Nepal, as well as medical aid and food packages, according to a statement from Turkish Foreign Ministry on Saturday.

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