Death toll from China typhoon reaches 19

Death toll after typhoon hit China has risen to 19, leaving 4 people missing

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

According to the official Xinhua news agency, the death toll from strong typhoon in South China have reached 19 on weekend, leaving four people missing. The Typhoon-triggered tornados killed 7 people in the southern district of Guangdong while seven others died in a mudslide.

Xinhua said that three fisherman have been found dead at sea due to a boat accident, and another person has been found perished under the wreck of a house. The four fishermen were also reported to have been missing.

Typhoon hit southern China and also caused a landfall on Sunday. Powerful storm overturned power grids and authorities called off many flights and postponed high-speed trains.

According to the civil affairs department of Guangdong, the storm caused $3.66 billion damages which affected 3.5 million people and gave harm 282,700 hectares of farmland.

In addition, approximately 1.9 million people in Guangxi region in southern China suffered big losses. "417 homes have been demolished," Civil Affairs Department said.

A similar disaster was experienced on 9th of August, when a powerful typhoon had crossed the Taiwan Strait and hit China's east coast killing at least nine people. Chinese media reported that Typhoon Soudelor killed nine people in Hangzhou city, and another three people were missing after the storm caused landslides in Zhejiang province.


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